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Exterior Security Door Options for High Risk Areas

by Tomothy Little

Any number of contributing factors can turn a pleasant neighborhood and ideal home location into a high risk area. This could be due to recent home invasions, forced entries, or even a group of burglaries in your immediate area. With this in mind, you may find yourself wanting to step up your home security system by adding exterior security doors, like the ones provided by Southern Screen Scene. If this is your plan, here are some options to consider for your specific situation.

Seamless Welds

When you first look at security doors, you may be viewing ones that look like reinforced screen doors. Many of these styles have ornate designs to add rather than detract from curb appeal. Though these doors offer a nice view, they do not always offer the most security. If you do want to go with one of these options, look for ones with seamless welds. What this means is that pieces are welded in such a way to offer no seams that a crowbar or other item used in forced entries can access. This gives no seam for the door to be pried apart and opened with a simple crowbar or other device.

Reinforced Hardware

Reinforced hardware is something that most security doors offer, but if you are in an area that is now high risk for home invasion or related crimes, you want something with a bit more than stronger hinges. In this case, reinforced hardware refers to not only the hinges and bolts holding the door onto the frame, but also the frame itself. In addition to the frame and the hinges, the reinforced hardware can also refer to the door latches, kick plate, and even the ornamental design work if you have chosen that option.

Hidden Security Features

An increasing popular option with people living in high risk residential areas is to find security doors that have hidden security features. For example, there may be a hidden alarm on the door that alerts emergency response if the door is tampered with. There may also be a trip switch of some kind that turns on outdoor flood lights, lights in the home, or an alarm that will deter the burglars from continuing their break in.

By keeping these options in mind, you can increase the security to your home and decrease the risk of having your home becoming a crime statistic. For pricing and installation scheduling, contact your local security door contractor.