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Understanding How Roller Doors Work & Advantages

by Tomothy Little

In terms of modern convenience, garage doors are ranked pretty high on the list of house gadgets that one cannot live without. This may be because people are starting to prefer driving their private vehicles rather than commuting through crowded buses or subways. That, combined with the fact that lots of households are purchasing affordable vehicles at rapid rates, can explain the need for having a secure roller garage door to protect their investments. Garage doors can be built from various materials while also featuring lots of different operating mechanisms. Here's an introduction to perhaps the most known type of garage doors: roller shutters.

What are roller garage doors?

While garage doors will vary tremendously in lots of aspects, the most important aspect is the operating mechanism that opens and closes the door. Roller doors are called this because, when they operate, a galvanised curtain of lightweight materials rolls up and down a tube, which translates to the opening / closing mechanism that you see on your garage door. These shutters are unlike others in the sense that they are extremely lightweight and also easier to conserve and operate.

What are they made of?

The vast majority of roller shutters are generally built out of either galvanised sheets of plastic-coated metal or a skinned aluminium lath. If you were to compare these doors to sectional garage doors, you'd notice that the roller doors don't feature the same width panels, but rather they use a hinge design that is more efficient in the rolling down or up motions of the garage doors. When ordering your custom roller door, you could also opt for tracks, which run for the entire height of the garage's entrance to facilitate the opening mechanism, or for weatherproof rubber seals that help close the gaps between the opening spaces and the door itself.

What are some advantages of roller doors?

While roller shutter doors are generally more advantageous for people who have narrow or limited garage paths, they can also be used by people that have small garages that can only fit single cars inside them. The reason for this is that the mechanism for roller doors doesn't need as much space as other types of garage doors. In addition to that, roller doors are created out of more durable and dense materials, which means that your door will easily be able to withstand strong impacts without warping or denting.

For more information about roller shutters and other garage options, contact a local garage door company.