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Top Mistakes You Make When Installing Garage Doors

by Tomothy Little

For a DIYer, you may feel confident enough to install your own garage door without the help of garage installation services. However, sometimes you may be doing more harm than good, especially if you lack the expertise to install these doors. Garage doors are not ordinary doors, you need to be careful when dealing with them. So if you are a DIYer who wants to do a perfect job, then learn from others' mistakes. Here are the top errors you want to avoid during the installation of your door.

Using nails for lag screws

The thing about DYI projects is that you get to use available tools to work on these tasks. This makes most people use regular nails to try and hold the track as they mount the door. The consequences for this are severe, and your trap may get bent within a matter of weeks. The garage door will exert extreme force on the nails and pop them out of their frames in no time. Lag screws work because they are very strong and still flexible enough to prevent exerting stress on your track. So try and desist from the thought of interchanging these two. Using improper tools even voids your warranty.

Off-centring the door

When installing, ensure that the assembly and lift motor operate from the perfect centre of the door. A common mistake made by DIYers is keeping these components away from the centre to account for obstructions. However, failing to centre the door makes it bind and twist every time you open or close it. This twisting continually damages the components of the door. As a consequence for your ignorance, you are going to find yourself performing premature repairs, which may really dig deep into your pocket.

Don't install the door alone

The door parts are not easy to hold and bolt up, and trying to centre the whole door using only one pair of eyes can be deceiving. Garage doors pose a serious risk of injuries during their installation. They've got very nasty looking springs that exert huge amounts of pressure and can be very dangerous to handle, especially when misaligned. You need someone around to watch over your back. Risking your life to fix a door is not a very good decision. If adjustment is necessary, swallow your pride and call a professional. These springs can lead to death when something goes wrong during adjusting.