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4 Ways to Prevent Graffiti Artists From Using Your Security Screen as a Canvas

by Tomothy Little

Installing a security screen is an ideal way to deter thieves, but security screens often act as targets for graffiti artists. Coming back to see the screen covered in spray paint can be incredibly annoying, so take the four steps listed below to deter any graffiti artists.

1. Install a Motion-Sensitive Light

Graffiti artists aren't stupid, and only the most brazen will work in the full light. Instead they prefer spraying paint on doors that are hidden in the shadows, so you can often deter them simply by placing a motion-sensitive light next to your door. As soon as the would-be vandal gets close, they'll be lit up for any passer-by to see. You could always install a permanent light, but then you'll be footing the bill for leaving it on all night. Additionally, a motion-sensitive light is more alarming to graffiti artists, and it implies a strong dedication to security.

2. Install a Camera

One of the best ways to deter any kind of security breach or vandalism is by placing a security camera well above the door. Of course, cameras are expensive, as is all of the necessary recording equipment. If you think it's worth the investment, by all means use a real one. However, you can get much the same effect from installing a false one. Remember, graffiti artists aren't master criminals; they usually won't be able to tell, and the thought of getting caught on camera should be enough to make them think twice about spraying your property.

3. Use a Dark-Coloured Security Screen

Graffiti artists rarely vandalise simply to do damage. Instead, they are spraying your security screen to let other people see their work. If they want that work to be seen, you should make visibility harder. Darker security screens are advantageous in this regard since most paints won't show up as clearly on them. In contrast, a lighter colour is going to make the majority of paints show up quite clearly.

4. Keep Everything Neat

If your property looks poorly cared for, it's only going to encourage a graffiti artist. If the place looks shabby, they are going to assume that security is not great, and they will feel more likely to get away with adding their own contribution. This also means you should remove any existing graffiti from your security screen as quickly as possible. After all, leaving it on only shows others that you're an easy target.