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4 Reasons Your Garage Door Opener Tracks Might Come Out of Alignment

by Tomothy Little

Your garage door tracks should work for years without issue without ever becoming misaligned, but there are still some problems that you need to watch out for if yours are going to go the distance. Misalignment is one of the most common issues that owners can be faced with, and this is a problem that will usually demand the attention of a professional. Here are four reasons why your garage door tracks might become misaligned.

1. Hanging Items

It doesn't matter how light an item is or how short a time you hang it, nothing should ever be draped over the tracks of your garage door mechanism. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that many people still make since the tracks look relatively secure. However, even the smallest amount of weight can move them a little out of alignment. Once the alignment starts to suffer a little, the tracks won't be taking the weight of the door evenly, and this will naturally lead to further problems.

2. Rust

If rust begins to eat into your tracks, they will quickly begin to lose structural integrity and start to move out of alignment. This can be a real problem for people living in coastal areas due to the amount of salt in the air; if you live close to the ocean, try looking for a powder coated track system. No matter your location, try to keep the amount of moisture in your garage low by mopping up spills or rainwater.

3. Dirt and Debris

If your tracks use metal rollers with unsealed bearings, you should use a small brush to remove any build-ups of dirt, grease, or other debris, then spray some oil on the bearings. This should be done every few months. Failing to take care of the rollers will mean that they begin to press with undue force on the tracks themselves – this will provide unnecessary stress that can move the tracks out of alignment.

4. Worn or Broken Springs

Even the most modern of garage doors is going to be plenty heavy, but it isn't actually the garage door opener that takes that weight. Instead, it's the springs. These torsion springs are a vital part of the system; without them, the tracks will be forced to take more weight that they are designed to handle, something that can easily push them out of alignment.

The tracks that hold your garage door need to be well-maintained in order to work properly and stay aligned. If you notice any of the problems above, it's always worth contacting a professional for garage door repairs.