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Considerations when Choosing Security Doors for your Home

by Tomothy Little

When you are considering improving the safety and security of your residential or commercial property, having them fitted with security doors can be an option. Not only will this make your property more secure but it is less likely that it will be a target for intruders. By installing security doors on your facility's entrance way, you will discourage potential intruders by making it harder for them to break into your property.

There are many options when it comes to security doors. This article discusses some of the most common security doors that are available for homeowners.

Manual Attack Resistant Doors

Manual attack resistance doors are common when it comes to protecting your home from intrusion, vandalism and burglary. It is common for intruders to come into your home armed with attack tools to sabotage your doors. In such a case, installing manual attack-resistant doors will prevent the intruders from gaining access to your facility.

These types of doors are designed and manufactured in a manner that they will meet a variety of customer requirements. It can be useful to ensure that you choose a design that is easy to integrate into your existing building or new construction spaces. The most commonly used material for these doors is aluminium, which also gives them an appealing appearance. However, special steel can be used to provide a higher degree of protection in the case of sensitive areas such as safes, and security enclosures.

Bullet Resistant Doors

With the increased terror cases, having bullet-resistant doors installed in your home can be a way of boosting the security of your family and property. With these doors, it is now possible to prevent armed intruders from entering your premises. These doors come in a wide variety of designs and shapes, and can thus be fit for new constructions and building refurbishments.

Installing bullet resistant doors and windows transforms any internal space into an armoured room. Before deciding on the best armoured door for your premises, it is important that you ensure their compliance to the prevailing regulations.

Fire Resistant Doors

As a safety measure, it is no doubt that compartmentalizing your facility into fire sectors by means of fire-resistant elements can be helpful. Through this, the risk of your family and property getting damaged by fire is reduced. You will be able to isolate the fire in a limited area, which serves to prevent its spreading. It would thus be easier to extinguish the fire and reduce the possible damages. For this reason, choosing to have fire-resistant doors installed in all areas giving access to compartmentalized regions is encouraged. 

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