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Clever Design Ideas To Make Small Bedrooms Feel More Spacious

by Tomothy Little

In a perfect world, everyone would have a large, spacious bedroom with plenty of floor space and storage. Unfortunately, not all bedrooms fit this ideal, and many people have smaller bedrooms than they would prefer. There is no quick fix to make your bedroom larger, but there are some clever design tricks that will help to make the room feel more spacious, create more storage, and maximise the space that you do have available.

Install sliding wardrobe doors

If you have built in wardrobes, then you can streamline your bedroom considerably by installing sliding wardrobe doors from a company like Mitchell Aluminium. This eliminates the need for extra space near your wardrobe to accommodate doors that open out into the room. As a consequence, your bed can be located closer to the wardrobe if necessary, which will free up extra floor space in other parts of the room.

Incorporating a mirror into the sliding door is another clever design idea. The large mirror will reflect light in the room and will create the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. Having a mirror on the sliding door also eliminates the need for a standalone full-length mirror, which will take up valuable floor space.

Use under the bed storage

Storage for clothes, shoes, and accessories is also a problem in small bedrooms. Sometimes the wardrobe space simply isn't enough, especially if you share your bedroom with a partner. The usual solution is to have a chest of drawers for the items that won't fit in your wardrobe. However, these are large pieces of furniture and they can leave your bedroom feeling cramped and cluttered.

Utilising the space under your bed for storage can mean that you won't need a chest of drawers at all. Ideally, get yourself a bed that has built-in drawers underneath. If you don't want to purchase a new bed, then you can buy rigid storage boxes from most home decor or storage supply stores that will slide underneath the bed with ease. Make sure they have lids or your clothes will end up with a coating of dust over time.

Do away with bedside tables

Bedside tables are often considered an essential element in bedroom design. However, even slimline versions take up valuable room and add to the lack of space in a bedroom. The simple solution is to do away with them altogether. Instead, have a shallow shelving unit installed above your bed head.

The shelving unit will give you space to keep a bedside lamp, and other bedtime paraphernalia such as a glass of water, books, and alarm clocks, within arm's reach. It will also provide extra space to keep photo frames and ornaments without necessitating any additional furniture items.

The key to making a small bedroom feel more spacious is keeping everything as simple and streamlined as possible. By using these clever design ideas, your bedroom will be less cluttered and a far more pleasant space to spend time in.