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How Steel Security Doors Help The Environment

by Tomothy Little

Many homeowners invest in a security door for their properties, especially if their property is located in a quiet area. A security door will offer much more protection compared to traditional wooden doors. But aside from this obvious benefit, there are many other benefits of using a security door.

This is especially true about doors made from steel. A steel door benefits both the homeowner and the environment. This article examines some of the environmental benefits of using a security door made from steel.

Thermal Protection

A security door made from steel is very energy efficient.  A drop in outside temperature usually means that the inside section of the door will become cooler. This then leads to a cold feeling room, and the need to increase the heating of the property. Having a good quality steel security door will mitigate this need for heat, by remaining warmer than the outside temperature. This effect increases if you add your own efficiency measures to the door, helping you to impact the environment less by reducing the need for additional heat.

Other efficiency measures can be used in conjunction with the door, such as a draught excluder. This can increase a steel door's basic thermal protection.

Expected Lifespan

Compared to a wooden door, a steel door is expected to last much longer. Indeed, a steel security door will last two or three times longer than a wooden door, depending on the circumstances. Wooden doors can be damaged fairly easily, and it is not uncommon for a wooden door to be replaced two or three times during the lifespan of a steel door. This need to replace, when repeated on a large scale, will ultimately use much more of the environment's resources. Using steel will help to alleviate this.


Steel is recognized to be one of the best, and easiest, materials to recycle. If done correctly, almost one hundred percent of the steel can be reused to make something else. Most countries have infrastructures in place – and have done for many years – that enable the collection and recycling of steel. This has saved thousands of tons of material that otherwise would have ended up in landfill.  On the other hand, wood can only really be reused to make another object, rather than properly recycled and turned into another component altogether.

More and more property owners are enjoying the security given by a steel security door. For more information about doors and other home amenities, contact XL Screens & Awnings Pty Ltd.